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Manufacturer and Trade Supplier of Chemical Products

Our Brands

Construction Time Again.


Scaffold penetrating oil.

Cleans, lubricates and protects. Quickly penetrates and removes light rust, corrosion, grease and other contamination.


Quality Product for Professionals

Stain Remover Spray


On the Street

Removes a whole host of sticky mess.

Children have fun in playroom near the wall. Kindergarten educational games

In the Home

Removes crayon, pen and paint.

close-up of asphalting machinery and tools working at industrial

From Work

Tar, sap, oil and grease are no match for Sticky Magic-X

Industrial Penetrating Lubricant for the Trade

Our market leading, revolutionary, penetrating oil has been specifically formulated for industrial use. 

Our odourless, colourless formualtion not only penetrates rust ,but also lubricates and protects.

mechanic looking at screw nut while fixing wheel on car

Tyre Fitters

Remove seized nuts with ease.

Repair of the engine


Pen-X not only penetrates and lubricates rusted parts, it will also clean your engine bays.

Tools case. Seniour handyman repairing washbasin at the kitchen


Stopcock seized ? Not a problem for Pen-X

Industrial Wipes

Our wipes remove pretty much anything you can throw at them !

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We specialise in dealing with Trade & Industry.


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