Manual Order System

To be able to use the manual order system log in using your username and password go to:

Manual Orders – Chemlabs Ltd

The first page will look like this, click on ‘Login’.

Then click on ‘Log in with username and password’ You need to use the details sent to you via email.

Fill in the boxes as shown below.

Once logged in you need to click the back button on your browser to take you back to ; or you can open a new tab and type in the link.

The first box ‘Choose Customer’ is labelled as Guest. To enter an existing customer enter 3 letters of the name; ie for Scaffolding Ltd just enter sca. Wait a few moments and a list will appear of customers with sca in their name. Select the one you want. All the boxes for name, address etc will automatically be filled in. If it is a new customer just type in the name and after product selection fill in address details. Image below shows customer being selected. Once selected click ‘Assign Customer To Order’.

Now do the same to select a product. Just type 3 letters to bring up a list.

The ‘Add Arbituary Product’ is used to enter a product not on the website. The image below shows the product selected; the ‘Product’ and ‘Subtotal’ panel shows Scaff-X 5l x1 at £19.95 and shipping at £15.00.

You can now change the quantity and price, see image below where the price has been changed to £15, and quantity to 8. Note that the quantity add-on changes back to 4 after you hit ‘Update Cart Totals’ even though the Subtotal window shows x8 and a subtotal of £120.00. You can change the price and quantity to any amount, even upwards!

Now you can select shipping charges. In the example above ‘Flexible Shipping’ has been ticked; if you tick ‘Custom Shipping Cost’ (1) you can enter any amount you wantin box (2). Then click ‘Set Cost’ (3) and it will appear as shipping cost (4).

Once happy with order you can take payment. Make sure all address details etc are filled in if new customer. Options are ‘Direct Bank Transfer’; ‘Credit/Debit Card’; ‘Invoice Payment’; ‘Hold Order’. If you select ‘Credit/Debit Card’ the Stripe payment box appears for you to take payment. To finalise things click ‘Place Order’.

The ‘Hold Order’ option allows you to create an order and then hold it for recall later. When this is selected and ‘Place Order’ pressed the order is saved and can be recalled at a later date. Ideal if you offer a special price and the customer needs to wait a few days to complete it. To load an existing On Hold order press the button shown below. (It should be at the top but at the moment is halfway down).

after clicking a box appears at the top of the screen – enter name or order number to retrieve it.

Example of the ‘Load Order’.

Click to overwrite the existing order. If you want to create a new order leave it blank. Also you will see ? marks dotted about, if you hover over them you will get helpful hints about what the buttons do.