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Obliterust is a powerful rust remover designed for the harsh environment of the scaffold industry. It comes as a convenient ready to use liquid. Obliterust is extremely effective at restoring pressed or forged scaffold fittings and any other ferrous objects back to good workable condition.

Obliterust is non toxic, low hazard and biodegradable. It is safe on most surfaces and will not harm aluminium, copper, brass, rubber, plastic or vinyl.

Directions for use

1 – Although Obliterust is a non toxic solution it may cause irritation to eyes and skin if direct contact is made. Wear eye protection and suitable gauntlet type gloves when using Obliterust.

2 – Remove loose rust and debris from fittings with a brush. This step is not absolutely necessary but will help prolong the life of your Obliterust solution and allow for more uses and better value.

3 – Place scaffold fittings into a dip tank or suitable container. Pour Obliterust into dip tank until all of fittings are submerged.

4 – Leave the fittings in the Obliterust solution for up to 24hrs or over night. Obliterust will work faster in warmer temperatures. Do not use when temperatures are approaching freezing point.

5 – Wearing suitable gauntlet type gloves, remove fittings from the solution and rinse with water. Dry fittings or allow them to drip dry. The solution can be reused, effectiveness will deplete after each use.

6 – The oxidation or rusting process will start as soon as the naked fittings are exposed to air. They MUST be immediately treated with Chemlabs EEZIT scaffold lubricant after drying to be sure of a successful treatment.