Scaff-X is a chemical solution for servicing scaffold fittings. Our product starts working immediately on contact with the fitting, in order to penetrate and free all seized parts, whilst also removing rust, scale and algae.

Scaff-X can be used in a spray bottle or dip tank.

Please read full instructions before use.

Scaff-X is available in:

  • 5L Bottle
  • 25L Carrier
  • 205L Drum
  • 1000L IBC

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Trusted by the Trade

We manufacture and supply Scaff-X to the scaffolding industry.   Our products have proven to perform at the highest levels and are competitively priced, therefore we have become a well respected, trusted trade supplier, and member of the scaffolding association.

Our Product

Common Problem

Are your joints beyond all repair ?

Think again !


Scaff-X can free up and lubricate the worst of connectors, saving companies both time and money.  Minimise the costs of replacement parts whilst also reducing maintenance time.


Qty 1-3
Qty 4+
5 Litres
Buy in carton Multiples of 4x5 Ltr £18.00
25 Litres
205 Litres
1000 Litres

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Request a call from one of our expert sales team.